Thursday, 24 December 2009

I'm Dramming of a White Christmas..........

Hullo ma wee blog,

Well, its Christmas eve and the snow is all around for the first time in years. The cupboards are groaning with food and drink of all descriptions. Friends and family are locked and loaded for the next week or so and there is time for carousing and conversation, for fun and laughter, giving thanks and for quiet reverie, time for hugging and kissing and being cosy warm, for opening presents and bottles, for bubbly and the water of life, for good books and favourite films, for snowy walks and holding hands. Times to savour in the coming weeks.

And there will hopefully be some time for you too ma wee blog. In my very first post I said that I was going to treat you like my imaginary friend and I have. Its been interesting, its been fun and its been helpful. You've led me to others with very different lives, to comments to and from places I have never been and you have also reflected back to me my sense of humour and my stupidity. You have helped me look through sunny days and sleepless nights and to put myself in context of a bigger world and reminded me so much, despite what has been jamming my brain cell, of people and places loved now and in past times. Thanks for that, I hope there will be much more to come.

And to those of you who have taken time to come and visit, just to read, or to comment and to suffer comments in return, who have shared through your blogs of your heritage and history, your loves and fears, your hopes, interests, your families and your passions, and of life the universe and everything, often in such interesting and inspiring ways, I also say thanks and I hope there too will be much, much more to come.

But for now, mince pie in hand and a raised glass, MERRY CHRISTMAS to you, one and all.


Listening to carols on Classic FM radio...


Morning's Minion said...

How quickly each holdiay season becomes a part of the memories! We can give ourselves a shake and settle back into everyday life!
I think the best part here this year was the shared good meals!

Bovey Belle said...

I echo what you wrote about us all visiting each others blogs and learning about our individual "take" on life, history, places, people et al. (Sorry, no pun intended!!)

I am now vaguely back in the land of the living and can face food again (though that nearly had a big knock-back as Some Cat has just been very sick in the kitchen. I have made a hasty retreat and begged my darling OH to deal with it . . .

Looking forward to happy blogging days in 2010.

Alistair said...

Hullo Ladies,

Sorry you are not feeling well BB. G and I have been a bit off for the last few days too. Not the best at this time of year but didn't completely spoil our fun. Hope you feel better soon. {strangely we have a sickly cat too}

Thanks both for the comments. How appropriate that its one again you both who are the first to comment and I am looking forward to comments and commenting with you in 2010.


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