Chi M'in Geamhradh /Alba.

A couple of favourite Runrig songs. In Gaelic but with English translations. The first fits the time of year I think and the second still fits the political situation pretty well.......

See you later.........


Lily and I very much enjoyed the music. My wee gaelic girl is a Scot through and through( we even have dreams of taking her back to the homeland and letting her run the green hills of Scotland. I know it sounds a bit sentimental, but just thinking about it nearly brings me to tears. You know how we Irish are?;-)
I want to thank you so much for your incredibly generous, honest and thoughtful comments you leave at my place. They mean more to me than you can know.
Hope you and your lady have a lovely weekend!
Soooo, you're back! Hopefully you two had a wonderful, relaxing trip :) Take care!
Alistair said…
LBR - Glad you enjoyed them. G isn't working Saturday so we have a rare whole weekend to enjoy to ourselves.

Hullo ER - we had a great time thanks - more blog du France to come no doubt.

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