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Hullo ma wee blog,

As I left the house two days ago I heard a familiar voice.  One I recognised instantly for its distinctive sound, as if  spoken through a smile. The soft rumble held me mid-stride, keys in hand and I heard familiar strength in my ear.

"Driech, eh?"

I put my head down as my eyes pricked until I reached the car where I sat and pushed tears to one side with the back of my hand. I took a deep breath and reversed past the end of the house, down the drive and onto the road, swallowing back the lump that had come.

I was several minutes down the road when my father's voice came again, quieter now.

"It's ok ye know."

Yesterday my lawyer brother phoned to say,

"Good news......."



jono said…
Despite that causing you an emotional pain, I really envy you. It sadly never hasppens to me.
Alistair said…
Believe it or not Jono I published this by accident by hitting the wrong button. I'd written it and been looking at it trying to decide whether to publish or not and hadn't been able to make up my mind. I'm not sure it fits the blog - or maybe if I'm comfortable with it. Once it a posted I looked at it and thought I would leave it until I made up my mind as I've only ever posted and removed one item before - and it was empty, just a header.
The Scudder said…
I have always felt that anything that crosses my mind is Blogworthy. If you "keep secret" certain things then you're not being true to your real self and the Blog won't be the whole you. Now if ever I read a real blog Al, it's yours ,,, so don't change now.
Oh, And I agree completely with Jono .,.,
So, you've sold the old house then ?
Alistair said…
Scudder, Thanks for that. To the point and a kindly wee tug on the chain. You're right of course; I wrote what I was feeling and what I'm feeling is what goes into the blog so from that perspective it's right that it's in there.

It's happened before but it's comforting more in retrospect than at the time. Whether it's a message from 'beyond' or simply an effect of the subconscious meeting/fulfilling an emotional need is a completely different conversation and that's one that I'm far from certain of.

And 'check'....

Kate said…
It makes no sense that someone close just disappears from life when they die...

The longer you live the more you realise that there really is more to life than are thought of in our philosophy .. misquoted but the 'gist' is there !
Rebecca S. said…
I'm glad you accidentally shared this. What a tender moment. I love how you described the voice as being spoken through a smile. I take it your dad's house has sold.
I know how it feels to publish something very makes me feel very vulnerable for a time, but my readers often appreciate the honesty and openness much more than I thought they would. Thanks again.
Alistair said…
Thanks Ladies....

Rebecca - you're spot on, it was vulnerabilty I was feeling but I don't think I recognised it at the time which is why I felt so uneasy.

And yes, it has sold which has brought more mixed feelings.

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