John Lennon would have been How Old ???

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A tribute to the genius of John Lennon through the genius of Peter Sellers.

One of the blogs I follow posted on the fact that today would have been John Lennon's 70th birthday. The realisation of this was quite a shock. People who have been lost are always thought of in terms of how old they were when they died and not how old they would be now. Although at the time I was never his greatest fan, I've come to appreciate him much more as I've got older and it's a fact that he was both a prodigious talent and a huge loss to world society as a musician and as a humanitarian. Who knows what he could have achieved if he hadn't died that day in 1980.

Go to 'Scottish Nature Boys' blog to listen to a lovely tribute to him and his music played by various contributors on ukulele. I know, the thought of it sounded a bit odd to me too but it's well worth a listen. This informative and well written blog is also worth a look for anyone interested in wildlife, particularly in Scotland, written as it is by a professional biologist.

see you later.

Listening to The Waterboys, 'Fisherman's Blues'


Giulia said…
Yes, I loved it. I was & am an admirer even though I sometimes became exasperated with John. (That being human.) One thing that I have written & said to others is that I can absolutely imagine John at 70. There is a good video at Imagine Peace website & I remember also Yoko saying something I found to be totally spot-on. John would have continued his work as a peace activist & humanitarian. No reason for that to stop. I will never get over that horrible night in December 1980. I remember every single moment & the rush in the house & my boss calling to say not to come in the next morning. He was distraught & knew that I would be a wreck. He was right. Some people nowadays might think that weird or odd. It wasn't & I so appreciated his phone call that night to a sister. I couldn't come to the phone. Those of us in the States, especially, were beyond consolation as there'd been so many awful murders/assassinations in our childhood, then as teenagers, & then this. It felt so shameful that it had happened here. (Not that I wanted it to happen anywhere...but it felt/feels like it would only happen here.) to see ukelele video.
Alistair said…
Glad you enjoyed it Giulia. I must admit I didn't 'get' the hysteria at the time, not being a fan. I understood the tradedy but not the outpouring of public grief.
I wasn't a fan. But it was clear from the outpouring of public grief that he he had served a large archetypal role for the collective and in losing him that there was a sense that something powerful and that something irreplaceable died with him( even beyond him as a person)---perhaps it was his dream of peace. I don't know much about him but there seemed to be a kind of innocence about him even as he experimented in the counter culture. When public figures die I always find it interesting how personal it feels for so many. Perhaps it is a way to mourn private grief in a way that feels connected and less isolated than our personal griefs.
Alistair said…
I know what you mean. While I've been a fan of many artists, musicians or actors who have died, I've never felt the bereavement in the way some do, only a sadness at the passing. It's tragic when that loss happens so young though. Fame is a kind of immortality of course - but not the kind I'd prefer......
Big Swifty said…
Yes Alistair, I too wasn't a big fan. I've blogged tonight on this theme. I'll check out SNB's blog too..............
And the Waterboys' Fisherman's Blues is one of my favourite albums of all time.
AJC said…
I celebrated by watching "Rain," the Beatles tribute stage show. There were people in the audience from 6 to 70, and we all had a blast.

I've never been wrecked by the death of a celebrity, but it's always sad knowing there will be nothing new from that artist.
Rebecca S. said…
I can't say I was ever a big Beatles fan - I grew up in a Rolling Stones kind of family:)-but I do remember when John died. It was like when Princess Diana died, same kind of public display of grief. I love the Waterboys and listened to them a lot in college. Have a good weekend. I have to go now, but will come back and read more later.

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