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Hullo ma wee blog,

 I'm sitting at the patio table. It's a late summers day and the apple trees are occasionally twitching as sparrow squadron flits in and out to the feeders hanging there or back to their positions on the garden shed, the driveway fence or in the hedge just behind the trees. I'm reading a book and there's a glass of wine nearby, but as I often do, I'm paying attention to the comings and goings of the local wildlife. There are the usual noises;  fluttering wings, excited cheeps, the occasional argumentative bickering, when something else registers. A new noise. My ear tunes in to listen for whatever has attracted my attention and a few moments later I hear it again. I can't quite identify where it comes from and I haven't heard enough to know if it's something normal just misheard, distorted somehow as half-heard things can be sometimes.

A sparrow lands on the branch closest to me. It has a beak full of seed and bends to tap a seed against the rough bark of the tree. I hear it again. A short, high pitched 'wheep' kind of noise. I sip my wine and consider what on earth it can be when I hear it again from deeper in the tree, hidden by leaves. It comes again from yet another place, now in the other tree slightly behind me.  I read the next few lines of my book unable to properly concentrate on them, still listening and automatically channeling the possibilities. It comes again and I smile, a small smile that widens as it changes into a grin and I burst out laughing. In a second I'm laughing so hard I have to push back from the table to avoid hitting it and spilling the wine. By now I'm running out of breath and I barely manage to get some air in between uncontrollable high pitched giggles that makes me sound like I've been inhaling helium.

I get an enormous dig in the ribs and the lovely G's voice comes to me from out of the ether.

"Good grief, what are you laughing at?" 

She groans loudly.  A soft light comes on a she checks the time on her mobile phone.

 " you know what time of night it is? I have to get up in a couple of hours."

I try to explain just how funny it is when you realise you've just heard a sparrow fart, but from the reaction I get I don't seem to do it justice...........

Aw well.

see you later.


The Scudder said…
You are quite gloriously, delightfully mad you know !!
But then again ,,, I've never heard a sparrow fart so what do I know :)
Alistair said…
Thanks Scudder. I was peeing myself again as I wrote it......

I wonder if I'll dream about what sparrow fart smells like next???
What I call 'boy humor' to my husband and son. He'd relate to this post ;) haha!
Bovey Belle said…
I have to say, you have put a smile on my face to start the day with. Schoolboy humour definitely!

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