Sunday, 29 January 2012

And What About Us?

The lovely G sits with her legs stretched out in front of her in front of the full length cheval mirror in the corner of our bedroom. Fully dressed, she has her head cocked to one side brushing her hair as Jess rubs herself backwards and forwards across the small of her back. Across the room I have head and shoulders deep in the built-in wardrobe as I hunt for a T-shirt and a pair of socks, but pull-back when I realise she's speaking. I've learned after years of tuition that it's better and less painful to pay attention at all times - or at least to appear to. That doesn't mean that I understand all the time of course. I am just a bloke after all.

 I look across at her. 

She reaches one hand out to touch the base of the cheval mirror.

 "You know, if all I had was just this, the pine chest, the craft table, my laptop, I-player and my log (I know she's talking about a table - top driftwood candleholder which I bought her for Christmas, gaining mega brownie points.... ) I'd be quite happy living without anything else."

Jess sits down and looks at her for a moment before looking at me.

I look back and then at G.

" And what about us?"

"Well, ah - erm - yes, of course – I mean you and Jess as well."

Jess looks back at me and yawns a wide mouthed catty yawn that ends up looking like a smile. I grin back.

"I should think so too! Eh Jess?"

Jess stands, turns to G and butts her on the bicep before starting to rub herself against her again.

A thought occurs.........

"Ummm - Can I bring the bed along?"

Still rubbing herself against G's back Jess is looking directly at me.

".....and the cat food."

See you later.

Listening to; Eddie Vedder - Without You


Anonymous said... - and need - are curious things. so glad you opted to bring the cat food. ;)

Alistair said...

Eloist Petite - True and I'm glad I got the cat food vibe - she can be so petty some times.......

DB Stewart said...

What would we do without the women we love (who for some reason love us too) eh?

Antares Cryptos said...

Hmmmm, and no clothes, shoes and purses either.


Alistair said...

dbs - Get Nigella in to do the cooking???

AC - Aw naw - I've missed a trick here. I should have signed her up to that shouldn't I?

Unknown said...

Material possessions are nothing without a loved one to share them with. With the exception of cat food of course. :)

Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

Hmm. I'd be a bit careful Alitsair, it looks like G has a slightly different set of priorities to you.
Maybe she read your blog in December?

Alistair said...

True Jono - very true.

TSB - Holy S*** you might be right on that!

Rebecca S. said...

I'm good with the list of take-alongs, but I'd have to include a nice deep bathtub and a coffee maker.

Alistair said...

Rebecca - I might add them om without saying anything myself {and a bottle of malt}

Morning's Minion said...

The cats here have a pretty high priority in things. If we didn't grant them status they would surely usurp it.
Seriously, I do look about me sometimes and consider which of our worldly goods I treasure most--perhaps my Grampa Mac's old rocking chair.
I noticed the comment about redundancy has been edited out of your profile--I trust that means something good on the employment scene.

Alistair said...

MM - Being a magpie when it comes to things with family connections I hope this wee tale is about a choice I never have to make.

As you say I've cut down the blurb on the profile while trying to tidy up and improve the look of the blog page - and you're right - I now have a job working full time for a charity that works with people with autistic spectrum condition. I wanted to change the direction of my life and have finally got the chance to do that.

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