Saturday, 28 January 2012

Wordfuse - Motoring edition

Blogger pal dbs over in Canada may have invented the 'wordfuse' as far as I know. He takes two words and 'fuses' them together to give added meaning or comical emphasis when viewing some of the anomalies or absurdities of modern life.

This 'wordfuse' occurred while sitting in the car the other day with The Lovely G. I became aware that the conversation was basically a list of instructions from her to me.

 I now deem her irrevocably to be my 'SatNag'.

But that's just tongue-in-cheek sweetheart - honest!


{Backs away slowly tugging forelock...}

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Bovey Belle said...

And what does the lovely G call YOU I wonder?!! Made me smile, that!

DB Stewart said...


Alistair said...

BB - Anything she feels like usually......

dbs - :-D Cheers for the inspiration buddy!

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