New Music....

Something new for the New Year: The first track released by Scots prog-rock band 'Abandoned Stars' who hail from Edinburgh and include my two brothers-in-law in the line up playing drums and bass guitar.

The track is called 'Beyond Reason' and comes from their first EP  'Opening Act'

Members: Tony Hodge - Drums / Peppe Schiavone - Guitars / Olivier Hadder - Vocals / Leen - Bass  



Jane said…
Happy New Year Al! My new year got off to a great start, being entertained at Stirling Castle by some terrific Scottish musicians. I'm delighted that the second day of my 2012 has continued in the same vein with this great wee track. Especially love the bass and drums...
Alistair said…
Thanks Jane - Please let some pals know about them too - it all helps get these hard working amateurs a bit of exposure.
Nicky said…
Great new music! I always love finding new, upcoming stars. Great for you to have some music fame in the family too!
I love this band! Thanx for the introduction. A bit of U2 sound with Guns 'n Roses!

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