Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year Tradition.

The New Year celebrations are traditional here in Scotland. We're  rightly world famous for our cheerful and exhuberant welcome to each new year and the extended partying that often accompanies it for several days afterwards. But many countries celebrate it in their own unique ways; the ball drop in Times Square, New York; The fireworks over Sydney Harbour Bridge; favourite TV shows to bring in the new year; a dip in the ocean on January 1st etc.  Being married to someone of Swiss German descent I was introduced to a tradition from over there which I really enjoy. It's a TV sketch called 'Dinner For One' which is played across Switzerland and Germany every New Year without fail at some point.  They absolutely love it and fall about in stitches, which is strange considering it's completely done in English. I've no idea where the tradition comes from or when it started or how it came to be taken so much to heart by so many, but somehow I too have fallen for it's charm, innocence and fun.

I hope you enjoy it too.


Nicky said...

Hehe, that is fun! So odd though that our Swiss & German friends have clearly adopted this "in English" tradition. It does have that innocent fun, a la "Are You Being Served"! Lots of fun! Happy New Year!

Alistair said...

It's a wee cracker isn't it? I'd never seen it before and have never seen it played here in the UK. It does hark back to more innocent times doesn't it?

All the best for 2012 to you and yours too Nicky. Have a great one.

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