Monday, 15 March 2010

Favourite film scenes challenge.........

Hullo ma wee blog,

Recently at a children's hearing we had an hour without a hearing as key people had failed to turn up. Spending an hour with people you don't normally, the conversation turned as it often does to hobbies and interests. Almost everyone will espouse a keen interest in film and we had a short discussion on favourite actors or film scenes.

The moment came to me again just now as I was reading a news headline and was caught by a sidebar 'best ever film scene' note.

Intrigued I spent a few minutes looking at what the worthies interviewed thought were their favourite scenes and of course there were only a few surprises - apart from the ones I absolutely didn't know at all.

It made me think to ask you whats one of your favourite film scene - or OK then, scene or two - or scene featuring a favourite actor and why.

I'm not going to ask the definitive "whats your favourite film clip?" as if you're like me, you wont be able to get the list down to anything like that.

But go on and post a favourite clip in your blog and let me know so I can go and check it out.

One of mine is at the top. A scene from 'Good Will Hunting' and featuring the much under-rated actor Robin Williams, one of my favourites, who unfortunately has been tarred with the 'used to be a comedian' brush and has also made a few poor choices. On a good day however I think he is outstanding and this scene represents him well.

His character is a psychiatrist tasked with analysing Matt Damons disturbed genius character. This is their first meeting after Damon's character carried out an attack on Williams characters personality based on a painting he {Williams} had done.

And as I said one or two, here's another couple.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail - Bloody Peasants!

This ones self explanatory I think.

From favourite director Bill Forsythe's 80's film "Comfort and Joy".

Bill Paterson plays Alan "Dickie" Bird, a Glasgow radio DJ recovering from being dumped by his girlfriend. In this scene, he spots a beautiful girl (Clare Grogan) in the back of an ice cream van who smiles at him. He follows the van, purchases a 99 and gets involved in a war between rival ice cream companies.

So.........any takers?

see you later.

listening to Amy McDonald 'Caledonia'


Elizabeth Rhiannon said...

Great choices (although I've never seen the movie of the last clip) and I seem to remember something you said about Ms. Grogan in the past ;) I also agree with you about Robin Williams; great actor and that IS a great scene. Unfortunately, one of my fave. clips is not online (due to copyright blah, blah, blah) but I'm going to start searching around! See ya then!

Scottish Nature Boy said...

Al - I have a couple of favourite film scenes which I'm trying to put in a blog post but I can't see how to insert the Youtube picture version as you have above, only a hyperlink - how do you do that please?

Great choices, by the way! I'll have a Bill Forsyth choice too!

Alistair said...

Hullo SNB,

On the you tube page you want - select the embed line in the grey 'subscribe' box on right of video panel by left clicking on it. This will open a drop down selection of options. I use 'show border' and the smallest size option. Then simply copy and paste the embed line into your new post as you are creating it in the main blog area.

As Aleksander says.......'SIMPLES!'

I'm not very pc literate myself. If by hyperlink you mean that nifty click on this highlighted 'here' on a blog page to be transferred to whatever the link is, I would love to know how to do that......

Fair swap?


Scottish Nature Boy said...

Thanks Al - I'll post up a film clip later. Re the hyperlink (yes, it is the differently coloured nifty link), basically, you need to copy the adress of the site or page you wish to link to, then, in your blog editor, simply highlight the word(s) you wish to make into the link to that site. Then, there should be either an icon that says "link" or a picture of a couple of links of a chain, depending on whether you are using the classic or modern editor (I just switched to the modern one and it says "Link" in the line of editing tools). Click on that, then paste your address in where indicated and follow any ancillary instruction (I can't remember exactly what is on the page that opens but it is pretty basic). Then click "OK" or whatever it is and you wil have a link in your post. You can check in the preview pane that the word(s) has (have) changed colour. Good luck - let me know if that doesn't work. Cheers!

Scottish Nature Boy said...

First film scene up now Al - sorry for the delay - been busy nature blogging!

Kadeeae said...

I've tried to participate, but have broken the "rules" - but that's me, rebel that I am. LOL

Have put a couple of vids up on the blog :-)

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