Monday, 8 March 2010

Makes you Proud to be A Scot

Hullo ma wee blog,

After having dug to a depth of 10 feet last year, Irish scientists
found traces of copper wire dating back 100 years and came to the
conclusion that their ancestors already had a telephone network more
than 100 years ago.

Not to be outdone by the Irish, in the weeks that followed, an English
archaeologist dug to a depth of 20 feet, and shortly after, a story
published in the Sassenach Morning Herald read:

"English archaeologists, finding traces of 130-year-old copper wire,
have concluded that their ancestors already had an advanced high-tech communications network 30 years earlier than the Irish".

One week later, the Banffshire Courier in Buckie, Scotland, reported
the following:

"After digging as deep as 30 feet in his pasture near Clat,
Aberdeenshire, Jock Broon, a self-taught archaeologist, reported that he found absolutely hee-haw.

Jock has therefore concluded that 130 years ago, Scotland had already gone wireless."

Just makes you proud to be a Scot!


Scottish Nature Boy said...

Hohoho - there must be something we didn't invent!?

Elizabeth Rhiannon said...

:) haha! Hey, you're known for the best Scotch whisky around, that's all ya need!

Big Swifty said...

There's a few things that some Scots claimed to have invented, that don't really stand up, but as they definitely invented the first proper bicycle in Dumfries the Scots are brilliant as far as I'm concerned.

coastkid said...

nice on Al (thumbs up)

Bovey Belle said...

Hmmm - digging 30 feet and finding nothing! Sounds a bit like my experiences on Digs . . .

The Clever Pup said...

You are the Blog Ness Monster.

Scottish Nature Boy said...

BTW, what's happened to your picture on comments on my blog? It seems to have been replaced by a little red X box (not a video game)!

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