Friday, 16 April 2010

Sorry - it's political debate?

Hullo ma wee blog,

I haven't watched all of last nights 'world premier' party leader televised exchange of tormenting remarks - sorry -  debate  which I recorded last night. What little I did see struck me as too stage managed, too restrictive on an audience unable to clap, comment or respond in any way except to behave like weans and 'speak when spoken to'

How frightfully British and well behaved.

Sound editing too managed no doubt to silence the wailing of souls, gnashing of teeth and the torment of tongues firmly stapled to the roof of the mouth as we endured this national phenomenon.

Except of course, it wasn't. A national phenomena, that is.

What none of the three leading parties saw fit to remind us up here north of the border was that much of what was discussed in this debate about domestic affairs is that much of the content related only to England and Wales as we have devolved powers protected by The Scotland Act which leaves us firmly in control of most of these matters.

So Mr Cameron, my copy of the Scotland Act says you don't speak for Britain!  Clegg's comments are irrelevant,  Brown has it wrong when he talks about "our country" within the discussion held last night.

Once again I found myself in agreement with oor ain Wee Eck.

And anyway - we had the leaders of all parties do this TV debate stuff in Scotland about 3 years ago.

see you later

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Big Swifty said...

I'm with you on this one Al. I'm sick of "our" (UK govt) politicians evading the UK issue. I'm very much in favour of an English parliament to paralell the Scottish one. Various pronouncements about the UK when they mean E&W must be very irksome to the Scots. (I'll keep the Irish issues separate from this comment.)"The Lothian Question" is becoming better understood in England these days, and that too is annoying to some of us! Let us all have independence and be good neighbours.
Regarding the "TV debate", I couldn't take more than half an hour of that charade. Cheers Al.

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