Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Are they nuts.

Hullo there ma wee blog,

one of my favourite blogs had this on a couple of days ago. The guy is clearly Scots and a bit nuts.

Small use of bad language folks. Be warned.

But then someone posted this nutters escapade and I thought that the first guy is actually a bit of a woos........

Or is this one simply using the "peril sensitive sunglasses" used by Zaphod Beeblebrox in 'Hitchikers guide to the galaxy'

Makes my recent brush with low flying { See 'Are there two G's in Bugger Off!' } look a bit pale by comparison.

see you later.

Listening to Talking Heads, 'Psycho Killer'
p.s. Had to quickly go back and alter the 1st clip as there were some links at the end of the clip and I didn't realise that one of them was inappropriate until after I posted. Really sorry if anyone saw that. I'll be more careful in future.


The Clever Pup said...

Effing Hell.

I did comment a few minutes ago but you disappeared.

How can this guy not flinch when I get goosebumps from the volume of a figher jet a half mile away?

Alistair said...

hullo C-Pup,
Sorry had to be creative with some housework before the lovely G was due picking up from the station. In my case creativity is best when last minute panic sets in. I procrastinate for Scotland sometimes, and today has been rubbish.
I know what you mean. I thought the first one was close but the second is just a bit sick in the head if you ask me.........

kind regards.........Al.

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