Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Episode IV, A New Hope.

Hullo there ma wee blog,

An interesting day.

The panels today saw us terminate one order, vary another, continue for attendance of key people on one and issue a place of safety warrant for yet another wee soul. All of this done under the scrutiny of an observer from the Childrens Panel Advisory Committee who came to check on our control of process, grasp of legislation and decision making. While some panel members seem to get quite edgy about observations I have never been that bothered. Seems to me that if I am concentrating on the observer then I am missing the point somewhat and not doing whats needed for the children and families. Still, I have been doing this for several years and have been observed dozens of times now and I'm still here so maybe I have just become accustomed to being observed.

Truth be told I feel much more under scrutiny by the families and I think thats how it should be. The rest of it is just background noise.

The recruitment drive is on the radio at the moment and our area starts the process next week. We dont need many this year as we have retained almost everyone, but its always a bit of a lottery as people realise how much time committment is needed and of course as volunteers we rely on employers etc supporting time off or flexi working. I have been added to the list for mid Lothian as well as they are really toiling for men - we need both men and women on a panel of three - so we have been asked to support for several months until the new intake is on board and trained up etc.

My wee meeting with JC+ went as expected but I refrained from telling them to stick their 68 quid a week up their jacksies. Actually he was a decent guy and he understands that I cant afford to take work like that.

And on a more positive note.

Drum roll please...........

I have been invited for interview for the Parole Board.

This is a government appointment onto the board which assesses prisoners for early release on licence to serve the remainder of their sentence within the community

I am absolutely chuffed to get through even the first stage of the application and get an interview. Mind you I sweated over the application but it seems to have done the trick anyhow.

I think its my work on Childrens Panels which has helped here with my experience of interviewing, offending behaviour and risk assessment.

Now I have until the 8th October to get to grips with the legal side of preparation for interview.

This will be my first interview since redundancy and its absolutely in the direction I want to go. I spent more than 30 years making money for a big company and now I need to do something I can be really proud of, something that is really me.

Regardless of the result {its a bloomin long shot} just to get an interview, a REAL LIVE INTERVIEW is just fantastic......

See you later..........

Listening to Runrig, 'Every River'

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