Thursday, 17 September 2009

You dancin? You askin? Ahm Askin. Ahm Dancin.

Francie and Josie.

Hullo there ma wee blog,

The phrase in the header is one familiar to pretty much every Scot I suppose. Glasgow dance hall patter of days gone by, of Teddy Boys and quiffs,crinolines and curls to the disco days. An imagined and studied cool is slightly skewered by the riposte and the inference that 'youve no' quite worked hard enough for that one pal'.

It came to mind last night as we walked into the 02 in Glasgows Sauchiehall St. We had come to see David Gray, a favourite of ours. Not knowing Glasgow so well. I had in my mind confused Argyll St with Sauchiehall St and we ended up parking at the Candleriggs multi story which is probably a good 15 minute walk away. But it was a lovey night and the walk meant that we were ready to find a wee place for a bite to eat when we got closer. I picked the lovely G up from an early finish at work and we had come through in good time.

So, we had a light pre concert dinner at a small Italian restaurant just across the street and very good it was too. We were finished in good time to walk across and join the queue as it started to head in at doors open. I was slightly annoyed - strange for me I know - when some of the door staff managing entry came along and said anyone with an 02 phone please come to the front of the queue for priority entry. The lovely G and I are both on 02 but had deliberately left the phones in the car so we had nothing to carry. Thanks for that 02! Why no message on the tickets or on the on line ticket site.

Still, we were in the first few hundred into the place despite everything.

Inside the venue is a bit tattered and torn about and the floor - pretty much a completely standing venue - was so filthy that I found myself doing that kind of deep sea divers' walk across the floor because it was so sticky......yuk!

As we were some of the first in we found ourselves a good spot near the front, to one side. There are some steps up to a raised area with standing tables and a minimal seating area which was full even by that early point, and so, we settled down to wait. Support was a guy called John Smith and he was pretty good, a good voice and some really cool guitar work, but support is always a difficult thing. Even if we are enjoying you, we are still anxious to get you off and the main event under way.

The concert got underway and we had a fantastic view across the heads of the main floor audience and only about 50 feet away from David himself. He gave us pretty much all of his new album which sounded pretty good too and of course ran through all his big hits. We laughed at the number of people trying to take mobile phone photos from far off and later giggled about why folk will insist trying to take a video while they are bopping away as they hold the phone. The woman standing in front below us was constantly filming and we could see her screen. She is going to be so disappionted when she looks and finds a film of the camera phone in front of her being held up all night.

My lovely G held me and sung her favourite " sail away with me" quietly in my ear and I returned the favour by singing my favourite " Be Mine" into hers. Its what its all about innit?

Thanks for last night hun and I'm really looking forward to a few days away with you from tommorrow. Sunshine here we come.

see you later..


Bovey Belle said...

Sounds like you had a good night out, crooning and all . . . Sauchiehall Street is the only bit of Glasgow I've ever heard mentioned. . . apart from Rab's Gorbals that is!

The Scudder said...

Ah, thanks for the memories Alistair.
Always loved Francie & Josie myself .,.,
Especially Francie .,., Jack Milroy only had to walk on stage and I was gone .,., he just had that "look" which said .,., Life is FUN .,., laugh and enjoy it !

Alistair said...

100% right there. Two absolute geniuses and all the better for the fun they could have together on stage too. I saw them as a wee boy at the Gaiety Theater in Ayr and laughed my socks off. I cant say 'Sauchiehall St' without thinking of them......

Alistair said...

Hi BB,
It was a good night except for having to walk across that sticky floor! Not so good for the lovely G who had me 'crooning' in her ear though......

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