Monday, 28 September 2009

some holiday snaps......

Hullo there ma wee blog,

Thought I would take a wee meenit away from my prep for stuff.....

My Stage two appeal against unfair redundancy dismissal is on Wednesday in Edinburgh. {I dont have a problem with being selected for redundancy if the selection criteria is fair and applied to all, but it wasn't..... and while I honestly dont grudge any of my colleagues a job cos they are great one and all, I am a man of principle and a fighter, if nothing else. Dont care how big they are, if they're wrong they're wrong. }

I have also a date for the ACAS tribunal hearing for my unfair dismissal case for 3rd and 4th Dec.

And I am in the throws of prep for my interview for the Parole Board appointment on 8th Oct.

Heres a few shots from our short break - Tenerife in the Canaries.

music above is from Ed Alleyne - Johnsons 'Purple Violin Concerto' which I found a few years back and return to again and again as I find it so brilliant and relaxing .

Hope you enjoy it too.

Tower of fish, L'Oro Parque

Cliffs, Los Gigantes.

Feral kitten on the make

Volcanic column, Mt Teide National Park

Flower, Mt Teide National Park

See you later.

Listening to.........probably same as you!


Bovey Belle said...

What lovely music, and which blardy stone is that with the rock art on? Kilmartin? One of the many in Richard Bradley's books which I cannot for the life of me find on my archaeology book shelves? Oooh, that's gonna annoy me now until I find them . . .

Oh, and the holiday pics were lovely too!

Alistair said...

Hi BB,
Dont know where the stone is. Dont think its Kilmartin, although its a wee while since I have been there { during my knights templar phase }. I found the video down the back of the sofa on the interweb thingy. I had been listening to the CD and thought it might go with the photos a bit.

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