Monday, 28 March 2011

Sunday Afternoon Walk

Hullo ma wee blog,

This afternoon turned into a nice sunny few hours, so different from the dull and monochrome morning it had started out, so the Lovely G and I decided to flee the coop for an hour or two and head out for a walk. On Saturday I had suggested that if the day was good enough today we would go to North Berwick and have a walk through the town and out onto the rocks at the end of the harbour, with perhaps a stop off somewhere nice for a coffee, but as we were leaving later than expected I suggested - rather than drive the half hour to North Berwick - we change plans and just take a beach walk at Dunbar as Belhaven has a good stretch of sand along the bay and in sunny weather like this there are some great views out to The Bass Rock etc. Me being me, I took the camera along so here are some photo's taken while we were out.

I posted another photo of this ' Bridge to Nowhere'  last week. This one shows its true purpose - spanning a burn {stream} flowing into the bay here.

North Berwick Law in the distance.
Law is an old Scots word for hill and N.B. Law, one of several volcanic plugs in the area, stands over the town - a great viewpoint.

'Look what I found Mum'

The local surf school uses the bay here for practice and training.

The Bass Rock with the coastline of Fife about 8 miles behind across the estuary

Getting ready for home.

Lost feather - or unwanted gift for a cowardly surfer?

'This way's better Dad'.

We took the back roads home. This from the top of Spott hill.
The soil around us here is red - dramatically so at times.

Distant Dunbar.

See you later.

Listening to The Hollies, 'The Air That I Breathe'


Nicky said...

Oh, some fabulous photos for today Alistair - & I especially love seeing the bridge performing its true function!

Alistair said...

Nicky - Aye, I thought I'd put that one in for you. It wasn't the best day for taking photos as the colours were a bit washed out by the light but the walk along the beach was lovely and I got some nice shots of G there - but I don't put our photo's on the blog. {She's a very private person and I don't want to scare}

Don't work too hard this week

dbs said...

These softly lit photos remind me somewhat of Prince Edward Island, one of my favourite places.

Alistair said...

Hullo dbs - you must be back from your ski trip..... Hope you enjoyed it.


Hep ma Bob - that Hollies song takes me back. I haven't heard that for many a year. The first time I heard it was in summer between leaving school and going to university in 1970/71 (New Zealand summer). It was a magic time full of promise and expectation. I was waking early to go and work on a building site and remember listening to this, drinking tea, eating toast and marmite before setting off for the early morning walk in the sunshine.


OK - false memory. I looked up the song on Wikipedia and realise that the song I was thinking of was 'He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother" another Hollies song. I did like "Air That I Breathe" though.

TwistedScottishBastard said...

Lovely gentle post. Lovely photographs. Almost makes me homesick.

Alistair said...

Hullo TC - thanks for the comment. Judging by how smug the lead singer looks - I wouldn't want him anywhere near my daughters eh no. Marmite - yuk.

I usually have music on at almost anytime and just find what is on while I'm posting if I can.

TSB - Fibber. Almost

Bovey Belle said...

What lovely photos. Better than our recent beach walk when the tide was up so we had just a couple of hundred yards before heading to higher ground!

Alistair said...

BB- We're really lucky here. You can walk for miles along the coast and the beach at Belhaven is great, a huge big curve of beach and a tidal estuary behind. Just fab - when the wind doesn't knock you horizontal anyway

coastkid said...

Great post and pics Al,
we may see you on the beach on a bike too yet!

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