Sunday, 4 October 2009

Its a Beautiful day.............

Hullo there ma wee blog,

Its such a different day from yesterday when there were the first of the real gales coming in off the sea. The first real taste of the coming Winter so far. Trees in the garden were wrestled backwards and forwards and most of the remaining apples torn from their grasp leaving only a few stubborn signs of plenty behind. An overdue reminder that me and my wee hessian sack should have been active before now.

As the lovely G had a rare Saturday off work we decided we would go to Edinburgh to begin the search for a new car for her. Her current car, the first she has ever owned just herself, is now almost vintage and although much loved is at the stage where the advice of our trusted mechanic was a salutary and refreshingly honest " If you bring her to me again I'm afraid its going to cost a lot of money to do what really needs to be done to keep her safe for another year "

And so we set off down the drive under the thrashing branches of the old pear tree and through a village wisely devoid of pedestrians and small children on bikes. As we leave the village the road crests a small hill and the sea is laid out before us. Its one of those seminal views for me and I look forward with anticipation to it every time I am in the car.

To me the sea always seems to reflect life in all its changing, complex ways and yesterday that life must have been in turmoil. The sea was a patchwork of vicious dark and emerald greens, heaving with thousands of white horses as far as the eye could see, a container ship in the distance the only sign of life. The road joins the sea near us for a mile or so side by side and we often can watch some hardy souls surfing.

{ Believe me, to surf in Scotland you have to be hardy! }

Today though there was not a soul and waves, perfect for surfing, crashed onto the beach completely unattended, slapping, angry and inconsolable, onto the sand in a petulant strop for needlessly having gone to all that trouble. Buffeted by the wind the car occasionally shook and shimmied on the road as we headed into town. Leaves, brown and gold flecks in the wind streaked horizontally across our view.

We both agreed that after we had done what we set out to do, to check out if the governments scrappage scheme of £2000 towards a new car is better value than considering a fairly new second hand one, { Its not is our considered opinion now by the way } we would return home for what we have come to call a 'duvet day', firmly ensconced in the house together with a few good films and some munchies, a bottle of wine perhaps and a cuddle, sometimes literally, but not today, under a duvet brought to the lounge.

And that was how we passed the day yesterday......

This morning I left my lovely G warm and cosy under the duvet and crept downstairs about 7.15am for a coffee and a catch up with the blogs I follow and to have a wee bit of me time continuing the prep for the job interview this week. The weather is a complete transformation to yesterday. Calm, sunny, clear and bright sky. One of those days which fills you with optimism rather than the kind of awe and wonder that it inspired yesterday. A quick trip for breakfast croissants was like a journey through a completely different part of the world, full of life and people going about their day to day business, the sound of a village on a Sunday morning. The sea is glass, and the water seems to be tickling the beach so gently compared to the onslaught of the storm just a few short hours ago. The sun is warm on my face and the weather is a lady today, polite and considerate, revealing nothing of the stormy temptress within that benign exterior.

Its a day to be out and about. Just a moment or two to enjoy, before autumn continues is short hike to winter..............

see you later.

Listening to.........this.

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