Saturday, 10 October 2009

Sorry, all you guys in the Royal Mail........

Hullo ma wee blog,

I came home this afternoon having been at a training day for childrens hearings. The legislation for freeing up children for adoption has changed and to be able to continue to sit on hearings all members have to attend compulsory training.

On arrival there was a pile of mail behind the door.

Mail is erratic just now due to the Royal Mail workers taking sporadic industrial action in pursuit of something which has passed me by. But then again, other than the odd letter to Job Center plus or a birthday card I never use the Royal Mail anymore these days.

Maybe that's why they're taking industrial action!

{Actually, as its the Royal Mail your Majesty, could I ask you to nip round there and sort it out cos you have been letting the side down for years. Its not on. Its not good enough! Its not very British! Would never have happened in your Dads day...}

But as usual, here I am going off at tangents.

One of the wee white envelopes didn't contain a bill or another of those bloody annoying letters advising me that I have definitely won £20,000 first prize in a prize draw that I have never entered, and it will be sent to me without delay as long as I complete the enclosed order form for complete shit and send it back WITHOUT DELAY, otherwise Mr R, you may forfeit your prize.

No, one of the letters contained the decision for my stage two company appeal against unfair redundancy dismissal.


you're fired!.

Surprise, Surprise - as Cilla Black used to say.

So what?

Tell me something I didn't know!

Actually my very nice employment law solicitor e-mailed me yesterday to say that she has had independently calculated the estimated pension loss over the next 10 years {which is the minimum time it would have been running} as £173,000 and could I get back to her with details of my monthly earnings, private health care, company car value, profit share, shares allocations ,fuel benefit and any other costs I can think of as soon as possible as the company have been in touch with ACAS to initiate investigation into an out of court settlement.

Not that I would get anything like that, only the teensiest fraction of that total due to the way the law is around maximum compensation for unfair dismissal loss in the UK.


Its one form that I am going to fill in.

Think it might be safer to e-mail it though.

Sorry, all you guys in the Royal Mail!

see you later.

Listening to Stevie Nicks, 'Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You'


Morning's Minion said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments. When I find a blog new to me I read backwards to learn more. I hadn't thought of leaving comments too far back, but glad that you did.
Many reasons why we made such a drastic move--most still seem valid, although the econimic down turn has finally caught up with Wyoming. Gardening was a very important part of my life in New England and while gardens here are possible, the ever present wildlife and the need for constant irrigation have thwarted my efforts. I also miss New England architecture. This is still a newly settled part of the country. So, I fear I am a bit of a displaced person. Good that many of my interests--books, cats, music, nature, writing--are moveable.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your unfair redundancy... I think that many companies are taking the mickey at the moment - not least Royal Mail.

On that note, have you seen:

Seems an OK place to chat about how crap Royal Mail are - although there aren't many posters yet...

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