Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Sometimes, not often........

Hullo ma wee blog,

2.30am. A wee single malt whisky. Coffee. Music.

Sometimes, not often, after a particularly difficult session at the Childrens Panels I find myself tossing and turning during the night, mulling over the situations that kids sometimes find themselves in and how on earth they are expected to cope.

A case today, a child abused and trying to make sense in a situation which I have no experience of, surrounded by people trying genuinely to help but a child, a young adult, unable to see the way, to trust. A wee soul, lost, hurting and damaged. So much potential at risk of never coming to light. And that damage done, like a stone dropped in a pond, rippling out to touch, affect and damage others too, their ability to help, to understand, sometimes even to believe that such a thing has/can/is happening to a loved one.

And how can an adult exploit a situation like that in such a dreadful way.

Why is life sometimes so beautiful and sometimes so terrible.....

Please - take care of your kids.

listening to Hazel O'Connor, 'Will you'

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