Friday, 16 October 2009

On How Insomnia Messes With Your Head.....

Hullo there ma wee blog,

So. After a few sleep laden days and nights, unwelcome normality returns via insomnia. Whoop de bloomin do!

I have found myself unable to post through most of a week which seems to have largely disconnected me somehow. I have been struggling to stay awake and concentrate on anything for more than a couple of hours at a time. When awake for even those short periods I have been so unmotivated with 'real' life that I've stayed firmly in the other world of internet, books and TV. I have been backtracking the stories of some of the blogs I follow but even this what would be a normally pleasurable and invigorating even, exercise has taken too long and left me cream crackered {knackered} and needing to lie down, Its all a bit pathetic and strange if you ask me. Oh yes, I,ve managed to make a few comments on other folks blogs but not much. Unable to say I've been feeling unwell but something definitely not me. I don't normally spend my existence lying on a sofa in the lounge shrouded in a duvet, but I largely have this week.

But its over now.

Having gone to bed early again tonight with the lovely G who has herself been off work today suffering from the onset of flu, but with an unusually taken decision to take an early day off to resolve the situation, rather than suffer for the best part of a week, I have awoken refreshed, rejuvenated, eager for the day ahead and with some real,honest to goodness plan of things to do that really need doing.

My only concern is that its 2am.

So I cant get out and get moving on those weeds in the drive that have really been needing attention, I cant hoover the stairs or the upstairs landing of all the white cat hair that has suddenly appeared on a red carpet - Oh, what has a short period of life at home done to my manhood - and I cant sort out that cupboard in the downstairs landing. I cant wash and hoover that filthy car sitting outside the patio door. I cant even see the bloomin thing at the moment. I cant go shopping for the menu my head has planned for the next few days or to get that nifty zoom lens I have been wanting for my camera. I cant go for a walk to clear my head of all these stupid things which have rammed themselves in there.

So, once I have cleaned the cooker very quietly and silently emptied the dishwasher, I am going to read a book, surf the down the back of the interweb thingy and maybe watch a bit TV - with headphones on.

So glad I,m feeling so much better!

See you later.

listening to Supertramp 'Even In the Quietest Moments'


lom said...

You need to keep an eye on that, you could be becoming depressed, with everything that's going on you must be stressed.

Morning's Minion said...

Hello, Al; Wondered where you were! Insomnia is a dreadful affliction. As you know, things which we can somehow keep at bay in daytime, tend to move in at night and hover with fangs gleaming. Perhaps you can blame your stupor on a light case of flu if its making rounds.
What I see happening in this household is the effect of the econimic down turn, There is no point building houses when people can't buy them, and what does a healthy and energetic man do with all the hours of the day? [And what does his not so energetic wife do with him, for heavens' sake!]
So, choices to be faced and not the range of choices we might have expected.
Scrubbing and cleaning and hoeing out are sort of "make work". Things that need doing but aren't quite an occupation.
I hope your job situation--and my huband's---will in some way resolve.
Meanwhile I hope the flu will not make too long a visit at your house and glad you are feeling energized by the "to do" list.
No blog post for me tonight, as I'm finishing the second of the Nella Last journals--very absorbing reading.

Bovey Belle said...

Oh how I hate those sleepless nights Al. Until I went to the Doc's for medication on Monday, mine were getting worse and worse, but now it seems that my breathing was at the bottom of it.

Commiserations, and I now understand why Tesco stays open all night . . . obviously run by a fellow insomniac with his finger on the pulse of making money from us . . .

Alistair said...

Hullo All,
Thanks for your comments yin an'a'.

It felt good to be back to 'normal' even at such an unsociable hour. Maybe if I moved to the U.S.A. I would be ok as I seem to fit right into that time zone.

Am I strange to prefer normal insomnia over excess sleeping?

At least I caught up with another wodge of stuff that's been sitting on the TV recorder for some time. {my usual crime/pathology and spooks fixes}

lom - dont worry I dont think I'm depressed. I just think I was on the edge of some virus or other. My lovely G keeps my fully grounded... or meets out effective deterrents if I start feeling too sorry for myself.

Hullo MM - sorry to hear that work had dried up for J at the moment. I know that often self employed won't have the kind of insurance safety blanket that I have. { Or the benefit of redundancy payments either} I hope things turn around quickly. If the US is the same as here the building industry picking up is one of the key indicators that things are getting better so hopefully that wont be too long.

and Hi BB, Glad to hear the medication is working and you are sleeping like a babe in arms. As far as Tesco is concerned I think it may be highly likely that the executive who came up with the idea has never done a night shift in his life, or has one of his stores spewing light, noise and traffic pollution anywhere near his mansions back yard.

Cheers, All..............Al.

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