And then there were three

Hullo ma wee blog,

Sadly Bailey had to be put to sleep this afternoon after blood tests showed that her treatment had failed and her immune system had crashed due to a viral infection which she just could not fight in her frail condition. I left the vet with a heavy heart and an empty cat box, but with the consolation that I had held her at the last and she had nuzzled me gently as if to say 'let me go'. I cant believe it.

Having come for some short term temporary accommodation she and Jess had stayed with us for 9 years and we all got along just fine.

I'll miss her serene, know it all look, her heavy weight on our spot on the sofa, eager nuzzles and the face at the patio door staring at me with her Jedi mind tricks to let her in. I'll want to give a whistle across the garden and expect her to come charging in at a hundred miles an hour with an accusatory 'MEH' before heading to the utility room and a double portion of whatever is on offer. I'll miss her heavy purr whenever she was near me.

Like many cats she was a personality. Like a few, she was a star.

I'm glad she came to stay..........

And the lovely G and Jess and I will miss her.


Tears--for a dear cat I didn't know--but have been that sad route too many times. It is some consolation to be with them at the end--maybe easier for them who "go to sleep" while we go home to that inevitable empty space that they owned. Jess will be wondering why her companion isn't there--we noticed that the passing of one does have a definite effect on the rest of the troops.
It is wonderful that Bailey had your loving home for those years.
Kat_RN said…
What a nice little tribute. Thank you for sharing. I still miss my Amoke, probably always will.
The Clever Pup said…
Aww, I'm so sorry. I've had to to this and it's not easy. Take care
lom said…
This made me cry, I still miss my cat and she went to kitten heaven years ago
Bovey Belle said…
Another one sniffling over the keyboard here. I am so sorry Al - they leave such a big hole in your life. Jess will be missing her too . . .
Alistair said…
Hi All,

Thanks from all of us both human and feline here. Its been a strange first day without her.

A small creature but she's left such a big hole....

kind regards
Anonymous said…
We lost our BIG cat Snoopy under the wheels of a car ,,, and his little replacement Muffin to the dreaded Big C ,, both gone some years ago now but they were a part of the furniture so I know how you feel ,,
Keep the old pecker up ,,
Scudder & the Beloved
Big Swifty said…
I'm sorry about your cat, I'm sure you will miss her. kind regards, Big Swifty

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