Saturday, 2 January 2010

dreich, dreich, dreich........Braw!

Hullo ma wee blog,

Happy New Year to you by the way.

Oh well, the forecast about snow I made came to nothing and the weather instead has been as curmudgeonly as me lately, sending sleet, rain and strong wind to batter the house and buffet the trees in the garden. Sunlight has been sparse and most of the days have been cold, grey and dreich, not the sparkling start to the year I was hoping for.

But on the bright side its been perfect for staying indoors listening smugly to howling winds and hailstones pattering windows. So far we have quietly been catching up on movies bought but not watched. Yesterday we caught up with 'Mamma Mia' - one the kovely G had seen at the cinema and had been given as a present during the year. {for maximum brownie points I might add. Clever boy, Al} I had successfully resisted attempts to be present for a ceremonial screening {thus losing any hard earned brownie points} until now. Grudgingly I had to admit that I had quite enjoyed it but not that I was humming along quietly {which I was} Then we watched 'Burn After Reading' which, like most of the Cohen bros movies, I found hilarious and totally fascinating, and finished up with 'Beowulf' which we enjoyed too but both agreed that Ray Winstone was miscast - even for an animated version - as his East end London accent exclaiming "I have come to kill your monshter!" was hilarious.

After a late breakfast we didn't feel like anything other than some cheese, fruit and biscuits for dinner. Its not been a holiday of gorging ourselves this year at all and the freezer is still groaning with Christmas goodies.

Today we ventured out between vicious wintry showers for a wee walk down the cliff path to the harbour at Cove, well wrapped and protected from the worst of the elements. A short stay to watch the waves crash over the harbour wall and marvel at natures strength and the ability of seabirds to cope in such extremes and we slowly made our way back up the hill, thankfully with a tailwind, to warmth and sanctuary once more, able to feel virtuous as we took off hats, coats and gloves, stamped our feet and began to rub life back into tortured cheeks and frozen noses.

Now having thawed out we are getting ready to go and visit some friends locally. They should have been coming here but sneakily hubby managed to break his leg in two places at work on Tuesday.

What some people will do to avoid coming to see me.........

see you later.

Listening to Madness 'Welcome to the house of fun'


Morning's Minion said...

Is "dreich" a synonym for "dreary?"
Horrid sounding weather, but once we've made the effort to be out in it we can be terribly smug about "braving the elements." As long as one is out in the storm voluntarily its an adventure--if forced out, then its an ordeal!

Alistair said...

Hullo MM,

Aye it is dreary or dour weather.

and your right about being smug too.

Al. lol.......

Bovey Belle said...

We have the white stuff on the ground here - not a great deal, but 3" or 4" of snow is more than enough to keep us housebound when we have no grit to put down on the hill! We too have been catching up on films we had not got around to watching in 2009. OH had The Man Who Would Be King for his birthday (one of his favourite films) so we were watching that on New Year's Eve.

Anyway, my walk is calling me (New year's Resolution, remember?)

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