Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Bloomin French.........

Hullo ma wee blog.

Now as you know I'm a grump. Usually if there is anything to make men of a {ahem} 'certain' age grump its going to be advertising. All those campaigns spending squillions just to convince you that polypentapeptides are the new thing for skin care as proven by a sample of 60 women or what you need in your life is that snazzy car wheechin' roon the corners of some glamorous part of the world driven by that could-be-you dashingly handsome, devil may care, black haired Lothario, pushing loads of buttons on a blue toothed, wifi connected, mp3 compatible, never skid piece of space age engineering for only 12 grand, when the car in the advert is actually an eye watering 25 grand, or those financial adverts that tell you oh so clearly and slowly how wonderful it would be for you to consolidate all your debt or declare yourself bankrupt and then finish the last 2.5 seconds of critical reality check info at breathtaking speed.

Well this advertising campaign for a french lingerie house is clever. Its smart, its sassy and it grabbed male Parisians attention over 10 days of what can only be called a teaser campaign until on the 10th night, well it got the message across in a clear simple and very effective way.

Watch the clip.

I know I enjoyed it.
And I love that towards the end someone actually say "Ooh, La la"
Shame on me.

And at my age too......

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Gaun ya dirty auld man !!
Scudder ( but it wis good !! )

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