Tuesday, 12 January 2010

On Biting Off More Than You Can Chew.

Hullo ma wee blog,

Having decided to do this blog on Dads wartime Sqn during the last few months of the war I find myself immersed in huge amounts of information and currently being at the overwhelmed stage. Partly its just me, loving history and becoming involved in the subject, having a determination to understand as much as I can about the story at hand, especially since it in many ways involves Dad directly or indirectly and partly trying to decide just how much of this should be published through the blog without it becoming completely devoted to the subject. Its not after all what the blog is about or is SUPPOSED to be about.

Since that first post though I have found myself sneaking off at odd times to go hunt some bit of info that has occurred to me or even sitting with the lovely G at the table thinking about the story, the format, the inclusions, exclusions and the level of detail - when actually I should be just being with her, having a bit of us time.

And of course I'm supposed to be looking for a job here. No 1 priority, lets not forget!.

On the plus side though I'm not at too much of a loss for something to do in my insomniac night times spent at the kitchen table, but the danger is that I get so involved that sleep becomes the secondary consideration, like two nights ago when I didn't go to bed until 2am, couldn't sleep and got back up at 2.45 to be up for the rest of the night. At least that too allowed me to keep a close eye on our Bailey cat who is really not well and not responding to medication. I'm leaving in about 15 mins to take her back to the vet for the third time in a fortnight, and to be honest I'm really worried about her, poor wee thing. She has suddenly turned into a bundle of bones and spent last night curled in the crook of my arm on the sofa, safe and warm but really not moving, nose just touching my hand for hours. Its not good.

got to go.

see you later.

listening to Eagles 'Hotel California'

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Morning's Minion said...

I have wanted to create a few essays with historical background, though nothing as detailed as you have several times posted. I have bogged down almost before I started with the sense that I couldn't condense and relay the information. Perhaps I need to simply write about how the places affected me or were part of my life.

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