Thursday, 7 January 2010

Driven to distraction

Jess {L} and Bailey {R}
Hullo ma wee blog,

As the lovely G has departed in a workwise direction once more this week, all the better to keep me in the manner to which I have become accustomed in my stay at home lifestyle, I have not been as quiet as expected but have had to do a fair bit of driving in some of the worst weather I have encountered in all my years on the road.

My friend M, he of the twice broken leg, had to be taken to hospital in Edinburgh when his leg swelled alarmingly in the plaster cast. On being seen he was immediately told he was being admitted and given an operation as the leg was too badly damaged to be only in plaster. {Take a tip then folks and never break any bones in Fife - cos hospitals there don't know how to treat them properly}

This left us with a problem as his heart medication was back at home so I ended up doing a dash back to Dunbar with housekeys to collect medicines, clothing and other essentials driving back again to Edinburgh and got back home that night through perhaps the most atrocious blizzard I have ever experienced with cars skidding all around and just getting through part of the A1 as the police closed it off. M's wife who was with me was unusually quiet for some strange reason.

Just taking G to the station has had its challenges with icy roads untreated for days and fresh snowfalls on top, but with proper time and a bit of care its been done safely and now the snow ploughs are out, but with no grit for any of the roads.
This mornings drive took more than 20 minutes rather than the usual 10 as the road conditions dictated extreme caution but its an enjoyable challenge non the less, although I wont be travelling if there is much more snow or continued lack of grit as it may get to the stage where the car might get stuck, but that will be assessed on an ongoing basis. I don't fancy being stuck in the car in the snow.

An hour later and I had to take Bailey in -8c conditions 20 miles to the vet for the second time in a week. She has rapidly lost appetite and weight. Last weeks blood tests showed anaemia but normal kidney and liver functions and a further few days of rest and close monitoring showed no real improvement. Today she has a high temperature and further blood tests showed some signs of an infection but all other signs are again stable but with the anaemia still unchanged. So antibiotics injected and pills, an appetite stimulant and advice to get back to the vet if there is no significant improvement over the next two days. He seemed genuinely perplexed and concerned. Its been hard to move without her trying to climb aboard for the last few days as she want to be held and stroked all the time. Hope this does the trick though. She's a great pal. Even now she is determined that I stop typing and pay attention and hands are being nudged and a whiskered faceful of purr machine is my constant companion at the kitchen table.

More snow is falling as I am posting this.

Wonder if its going to be a little or a lot.
Another challenge for the morning. Ah well.

see you later.

Listening to Band Of Horses 'The Funeral'

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Morning's Minion said...

Having a pet sick is a horrible thing--we can't tell them we are doing our best for them.
What a winter! Ours began in October and we are more than due for the traditional "January thaw." It sounds like a rather grim time for you there, what with one thing and another. I send kind thoughts to your household, including the poor ailing cat.

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