Mad cyclist loose in Edinburgh.......

Hullo ma wee blog,

Now I could rant about this video and how dangerous, inconsiderate to pedestrians etc and all the rest but for once I'm mellow and find it fascinating somehow. When I was a kid a bike was for getting from A to B as quickly as possible or for getting out into the country, going fishing or whatever, but this guy, a professional cyclist I believe, takes things to a different 'urban' level with some amazing stunts.

Although maybe it should come with the script
"No pedestrians were injured or maltreated in the making of this video"
He might have killed a few bikes though!

But I wouldn't try this at home folks.

Your Mum will give you such a row.


Anonymous said…
Och, a used tae dae aw that wi' ma Gird & Cleek roon the streets o' Glesca in the 50's!
I can see why the boy keeps that bike saddle so low though !! Oof ya
Kat_RN said…
Inspiring, well maybe I won't give it a try, but it does kind of look like fun. I had a purple girls schwinn with a flowered bannana seat way back when, I could get it to do "Wheelies" sometimes, but that was aout it.
coastkid said…
danny is some rider eh?..he has an agent now and doing some bits for films this year and appearing in some shows...
he cant open his hands flat because of all the hours riding the tendons are in a gripping position...thats dedication!...
Big Swifty said…
Seen it before. What amazing skills. I like my walking and cycling as I can't balance too well standing still! Just got to keep moving!

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