Beautiful She sleeps.........

Hullo ma wee blog,

I stretch slowly as my eyes open, enjoying the feel as muscle slowly tightens to push nights sleep away. Dawn is come and the lovely G is warm beside me. Beautiful she sleeps, her face is perfect peace. Hair, tousled and spread around her, billows softly across jaw and pillow. Beneath, closed eyes stretch long lashes down to kiss her cheek. I gaze in awe at a face so comfortingly familiar yet so exciting and can't resist the urge to reach and push a stray hair from her face. Still sleeping, she frowns and her expression turns soft pout, the gentlest of breathy whimpers crosses her dreaming lips. A hand comes up to touch her nose and, drained of energy, is left beside her face. She shrugs covers closer around her, her other hand touches mine and clasps me instinctively. Connected, I lay perfectly still, watching and content. Smiling, as beautiful, she sleeps.

see you later


jono said…
I absolutely adore this and can relate to it 100%. Thanks for posting it.
Yes, I am a helpless romantic and one very much in love (still!) with my husband as well...yes, yes, I got all teary-eyed when I read this! :) Beautiful though, thank you for this poetic observance.
Have you started writing a book yet???
Big Swifty said…
Hey Alistair, it's 2010, and guys our age can express our feelings like this. I sincerly see this as significant progress in male human development. (Yes, you've guessed, gender roles and behaviour is one of my (many) hobby horses!) Thanks for sharing.
A poetic tribute from the heart--warmly affirming of your relationship--without being mushy.

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