Sunday, 14 February 2010

This one goes out to the one I love..........

Hullo ma wee wife,

My darling, wonderful, lovely G.

This is for you.

It's exactly where I am.

Sonnet 29.

When, in disgrace with fortune and men's eyes,
I all alone beweep my outcast state
And trouble deaf heaven with my bootless cries
And look upon myself and curse my fate,
Wishing me like to one more rich in hope,
Featured like him, like him with friends possess'd,
Desiring this man's art and that man's scope,
With what I most enjoy contented least;
Yet in these thoughts myself almost despising,
Haply I think on thee, and then my state,
Like to the lark at break of day arising
From sullen earth, sings hymns at heaven's gate;
For thy sweet love remember'd such wealth brings
That then I scorn to change my state with kings.

I love you forever and four weeks.

Happy Valentines Day....


1 comment:

Big Swifty said...

I adore Shakespeare. The perfection of that piece, the sentiment and the economy of the prose. Yes, with love, there's hope for us wretches! I enjoyed the reading a lot, thanks for sharing it with all of us.

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