Sunday, 7 February 2010

An Impossible task........

Hullo ma wee blog,

Asked to provide a most favourite song by a blogger friend I have racked my brain cell to distraction and beyond. As I have so many and am adding to them constantly - and the fact that I don't perhaps actually 'have a favourite' - here's one of the top..........hundred and fifty!

Oh, and by the way

Thanks a pantload BB........

Thoroughly enjoyed trying to sort it out.

see you later.

listening to 'this'


Bovey Belle said...

WOW! That was SO unusual and I loved it. never heard of her but she has a superb voice. I'm glad I got your grey cells trotting round in circles whilst you pondered your choice and I dare say it was a wee bit enjoyable along the way!! Makes my choice look pathetically basic now : ) But ah, the memories . . .

Alistair said...

Good morning BB,

Seems we're online together!

Your's isn't basic at all, its an absolute classic and its in my list too. I did have lots of fun actually. It made me realise that I'm not as decisive as I thought I was, not being able to choose and wimping out with a 'top 150' or so.

I found I made a list of top 10 women, men, pop, rock, folk and classics. Instrumetals too, but their not really songs as was asked for.

Still - lots of stuff for future posts.

Maybe a 'tracks of my years' theme or something at the end of a post here and there.

thanks and regards...Al.

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