Friday, 19 February 2010

The Silence Of The Drams........

Greenan Castle, Ayr.

Hullo ma wee blog,

It seems I've been abandoned to a rare night of solitude with the lovely G being off to see The Noisettes in concert in Edinburghs fair toon with a bunch of colleagues from work. I was given the chance to go but don't really fancy them for some reason. {taste probably}

So here I am all alone in Robertson Towers, the servants have the night off and the drawbridge is set to auto for when the lovely G's carriage approaches. { I hope she makes it before midnight, that whole pumpkin and mouse things is so frightfully passe don't you think.....} Night is drawing near with cold promise on her lips and may arrive bedecked with coat tails of softest white {according to the BBC weather report that is.}

I have set some logs upon the fire and descended to the kitchen in the bowels of chez nous to rustle up some notably creative dish suitable for a man with a taste for fine wine and time to spare in the making. A solitary dinner awaits. I have a notion for some liver perhaps. I have an excellent Chianti breathing softly as it gently comes to life in the corner .

Not so sure about the fava beans though.....

It would be a good night too for an old horror film and a wee Singleton of Dufftown or a Dalwhinnie single malt. Perhaps Boris Karloff as 'The Mummy' or Bela Lugosi as 'Dracula'. A memory of 'Friday night is horror night' late night TV as a youngster. Luckily, I have an extensive DVD collection too.

Don't worry about rushing home my love.

Unless of course the music you hear is from the children of the night........

{now where did I put that insurance policy?}

see you later

Listening to Chopin 'Nocturne in C minor'


Big Swifty said...

Yes, the silence of the lambs, very good! I love a bit of liver, but I always eat it alone. J was a veggie for many years, and struggles with some cuts of meat. I like the whole animal, but tend to skip on the tripe, if you don't mind....

Alistair said...

All good pun, Swifty!

With you on the tripe too. Dad loved it so I often stopped on my way to see him and bought some at the local farm shop. I would then carry it into the house at arms length.

The smell of tripe cooking is almost enough to make me vegetarian - even if only for a wee while.

cheers and have a good weekend.....Al.

Morning's Minion said...

Liver [with onions] is one of those rare occasion meals best consumed alone or by mutual consent. The thought of combining it with a horror movie would be a sure recipe for indigestion.
On the evenings when J. is out of town I usually treat myself to rotisserie chicken from the local deli. After that, I can read until some uneartly hour with impunity.

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