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New Years Resolutions and Other Things of Great Magnitude.

Hullo ma wee blog,

Sitting at the kitchen table wondering what I was going to post as the final entry for 2010, I just showed this to the lovely G who shrugged and said "Yeah right! You think?" before walking off shaking her head and laughing quietly to herself, carefully cradling the cup of hot tea I had just made her.

Whatever can she mean?

DON'T all rush at once!

Normally I don't do New Years resolutions. More accurately, I don't do New Years resolutions. Like many people I've made enough of them in the past then singularly failed to deliver. You know - the usual kind of thing; Lose weight; take more exercise; really sort out the garden; do those outstanding bits of DIY I've been promising since Methusela was a boy; phone or visit my elderly relatives more often; Be less grumpy. The usual kind of stuff. Hardly earth shattering. And maybe that's the problem! Maybe because I can dismiss them as just a daft New Years resolution I can demean them, mak…

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics.......

Hullo ma wee blog,

Here are the all time top ten visited posts on the blog according to the stats on my blogger dashboard page.

Black Agnes - Dunbar, 1338           - 185 Pageviews

Icons of the Air............                   - 155 Pageviews

153 Sqn. 4th April 1945
- Gardening/Lutzkendorf.                -143 Pageviews

153 Sqn. Nov/Dec 1944                 - 142 Pageviews

153 Sqn. 9th/ 10th April 1945
 - Keil/Plauen                                 -120 Pageviews

Virus........                                       - 91 Pageviews

153 Sqn. 29th April 1945
 - 'Operation Manna'                      - 88 Pageviews

153 Sqn. Feb 23rd 1945
- Pforzheim                                    - 77 Pageviews

Hermitage Castle                           - 75 page views

153 Squadron 8th May 1945
- VE day to the end of 153 Sqdn... - 64 Pageviews

The top five posts in the last month have been;

Black Agnes - Dunbar, 1338  - 82 Pageviews
Of Mince and Men..........       - 54 Pageviews

1752 - James Of The Glen......

Loch leven and The Pap of Glencoe. Looking towards Ballachulish.

Anyone who regularly reads my blog will know that I do love my history, particularly Scots history. You'll also know that I have an eye for injustice and, as my Lovely G and I have returned from our walk, having been foolish enough to brave the sub-zero temperatures, the house is warm and snug and I'm sitting here at the kitchen table with a small bottle of ale and with some nice music pouring from my headphones { Cu Cuillan's Lament } perhaps it's not that unusual that my mind has turned to a favourite place and a story that's stayed with me since I first came across it years ago,  particularly since the story turns on injustice.  It's a famous tale, well known to many I would imagine, but no worse for yet another telling on a day like this.  It's most popular incarnation was to be part of the story of Robert Louis Stevenson's 'Kidnapped',  another tale, surprise, surprise, of be…

The Importance of Good Communication...........

Hullo ma wee blog,

As it's almost Christmas {and I'm supposed to be wrapping presents for my Lovely G at the moment!} I am listening to a couple or three of favourite funnies which just happen to share the theme of communication. Victor Borge was a great favourite in our house when I was growing up and I remember these two pieces vividly. I loved this great Dane for his clever wit and his comic timing as well as his incredible musical virtuosity.

And finally one of the greatest comedy talents of my generation who had just an immense love of the potential  for the playfullness inherent in the spoken word. One of my all time favourite clips....

Merry Christmas Everybody!!!!

See you later.

For Jono - Baby's first photo....

This is definitely one for full screen.........

Hullo ma wee blog,

I found this trawling the web. Its a lovely wee bit of natural film-making as it's predominately done by - well watch it and see.

I found myself laughing at the geeky inventiveness of the cameras, especially blizzard cam, which made me think of my bloggy pal Jono who I feel could well invent some idea like this.

So this ones dedicated to you Jono.


The Awww Factor - A Christmas Dog Story.......

Claus: The lost dog refused to leave bus.
Hullo ma wee blog,

{This story is from the Scottish Television website}

A little lost dog boarded a bus by himself and refused to leave as temperatures plunged to minus 11C.

The frozen Cairn terrier, named Claus by fellow passengers, was found cowering on the bus in the west end of Glasgow with icicles hanging from his fur.

Passengers were astounded when the dog, aged about eight years old, boarded the First bus when it stopped on Dumbarton Road on Wednesday. He was so cold he found a warm spot in the corner and curled up. The bus driver took the freezing dog along to the local police station and he was then taken to the Scottish SPCA's Glasgow Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre.

Now the charity is desperate to find his owner.

Anna O'Donnell, assistant manager at the centre, said: 

"Claus is a cheeky wee lad who we think is around eight years old. He isn't microchipped so we don't know who his owner is. The passengers on t…

A Challenge - Anyone For Ten-ish?

Hullo ma wee blog,

I've been trying to write a post this afternoon and failing. I've been goofing off, watching snow fall and worrying how The Lovely G would get home from Edinburgh. With delays and cancellations, her twenty minute journey home from work last night took almost three and a half hours! {Tonight was perfect time wise though. Odd that.... No snow yesterday and three and a half hours. Blizzards today and just half an hour!}

While doing this, as a bit of a diversion I've been dipping into the back catalogue of some of the blogs I follow and found myself wondering about my back catalogue of postings. So I thought I might send you all a challenge. There may be times in the next weeks when we have a few minutes to spare to read more perhaps than usual on a blog and this may be a way of finding out what bloggers think of their own blogs as well as giving new readers a taste of what we think our blog is about.

What are your favourite posts over the last year? What h…

Of Mince and Men..........

Hullo ma wee blog,

I had a dream last night. It was one of those oddities where, while not being a nightmare, you're not sure if you're exactly comfortable. Oh, I know exactly what triggered it alright. That's right Mornings Minion, it's all your fault!

The other day she posted a story from her 'family history' I suppose you'd have to call it. An innocuous wee tale of a young lad illicitly dipping into some of his Mums home-made mincemeat which had been stored away for Christmas and, having taken too much not to be noticed, he then had to stand and own up to it rather than watch it all thrown away as having been 'got at' by mice and therefore possibly be unfit for eating. Rather than lose that delicious stuff, he 'fessed' up like a man and ultimately all was well.

As I read that story yesterday I remembered clearly the impact of being a young lad with - shall we say - 'intimate knowledge' of some nefarious deed and standing in line …

You Know What Rejection Feels Like When..........

Hullo ma wee blog,

My lovely G has been away on a course for her work over the last couple of days leaving me and Jess alone in the house. While it's not unusual for us to be alone during the day, it's highly unusual for us to be alone overnight too. Jess' reaction has been very amusing. After G failed to come home on the first night Jess clearly believed the fault to be mine and has studiously completely ignored me since then.

You know what rejection feels like when you're being ignored by a cat!


See you later.

Today I took some photo's............

Across the snowy garden hedge
Hullo ma wee blog,

Today, after yet another snowfall of {for this part of the world} almost biblical proportions, I took the camera out to try and get a photo of Traprain Law in the snow. Traprain is one of the key landmarks of East Lothian and when I see it on the road back from Edinburgh or further afield I always feel like I'm almost home. At least I'll be home in twenty minutes I should say. Before I left I took some photos of the birds feeding and stuff by the house {again}.

Frozen pasta.......yum!

One of the apples left on the tree for winter food for the birds

Traprain Law in the distance

A local road after a weeks snow.And a week of the local authority getting to grips with it.

Plough ridges in the snow look like wave patterns.

I had to go down the hill to the farm to turn the car.The outside temp plummeted from a balmy -5C to -12C in the shade.The car just made it back up the hill. Scary stuff for a moment or two.

A snow-plough does its stuff on…

MP's, MSP's and Criminal Acts...........

Calvin "What d'ya mean I wont sell any? Everyone I know needs one!"

Hullo ma wee blog,

This week sees the start of the prosecution of three sorry two - one's already owned up to a guilty plea - ex-Honourable Members Of Parliament for expenses fraud. {I commented on this earlier in the year here and here if you want more info} They tried to use the defence of 'Parliamentary Privilege' to prevent prosecution. {The statute of Parliamentary Privilege dates back to around 1650 and was designed to allow freedom of speech within parliament and to protect members from coercion, particularly by the king - until they subtly resolved that little problem by decapitating him. In this modern instance the MP's in question stated that any issue relating to work within parliament could only be investigated and dealt with by parliament itself in the hope of avoiding criminal charges. They were wrong} Hopefully they will get both justice and fairness and meet the same end a…

A Silence Of Snow

The piece that first got me into Vangelis' music.
One for a dark room, headphones and high volume.

Hullo ma wee blog,

The window of the bedroom is closed for the first time in as long as I can remember. Normally the only time it's shut is when we are away from home and the last time I can think it was possibly closed was almost a year ago, during the worst of last Winter's nightmare weather. Tonight as I lie in bed I'm grateful that it's not open. The temperature in the room is freezing in these few hours of the night before the central heating system kicks in to heat the house for the start of the day.  {our heating system is LPG as we live in a small village not connected to mains gas which is a lot cheaper. This year our gas has gone up by crippling 55p a litre and - with only one supplier - they have us over a barrel.} The overnight temperature is forecast to get down to -6C but even that has failed to stop snow falling, except now it comes down as hail and it…

I Hope This Gets To You........

Hullo ma wee blog,

Blogging and the internet is about making us connected, right?

This video is aimed at reaching someone that someone else loves just using the power of the connections the internet makes. It could be subtle yet shameless self promotion, or so the cynical side of me feels, but part of me, the romantic or the bit that just wants to believe that life always wins through, wants it to be true for purer reasons. Whatever the ultimate truth is, I want to pass it on in the hope that all or some of you will too.

The creator of the video, Walter May says;

"After my girlfriend moved away for graduate school, I wanted to create something different to express my feelings for her. I secretly created a song and video with my friends the Daylights in hopes that it would be passed around and get to her organically. WITH YOUR HELP, we can meet this goal and it can stand as a symbol of what we can do as an digital social community. This is dedicated to anyone who is separated fro…